Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Hunger Games Love (No Spoilers)

The Hunger Games has been on my radar for quite a while now and since the release of the film trailer, everyone has been going mad for it. Being ill last week with the flu, I decided to read the books which I had scoop up weeks previous from The Works (at cheap book shop in the UK) at 2 for £3, £2 each. So I got the whole trilogy a fiver, BARGAIN!
I so enjoyed reading these books and got absolutely sucked into the pages from the first few chapters. I think that Suzanne Collins did an amazing job of coming up with the plot, creating likeable and easy to remember characters! I especially loved that each character had their own little running story and how in the end, everything was joined together beautifully. I was never bored with this series, and always wanted to know what was going to happen on the next pages.
If you're a fan of reading and haven't read these yet, I recommend you stop what you're doing and go out and buy them NOW. Anyone can read these books. One of my best friends, Alice, who isn't a big reader decided to lend the first book from me and she read it within 2 days. Absolutely loved it. 
We decided to go and watch the film yesterday, and I literally squealed when it started. It was so good, and they kept to the story well. I felt like I was part of the film, waiting for the next bit in the book to happen. There was one part that I cried my eyes out at and it was just amazing!
I can completely understand the hype surrounding this right now, everyone has gone crazy for it and it's really no surprise!

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  1. Going take this trilogy with me on holiday, can't wait to read it and then see the film! x