Sunday, 18 March 2012

Laugh, Love and Chester Zoo

It's taken me a while after my latest university project to actually get around to wanting to blog again. I got myself so stressed out and focused on it that I had to completely wipe away any interest in my blog and my other hobbies away to be able to knuckle down with work.

Now I feel refresh, revived and full of new ideas!
Sometimes you need to have a break away from something to be able to free yourself of anything holding you back.

On Tuesday (13rd March) after handing in our projects, and then starting our final project of the second year, we decided to take a trip to Chester Zoo.
I haven't been since I was in my early teens and it was something different and fun to relieve us of our stress.
I can honestly say we had such a laugh. I think it's great when you had a group of friends who just click together and it works. We seem to have created a trio as of late, and although it's often "3's a crowd" it just doesn't feel that way, everyone feels included and certainly no one is left out.

I was extremely excited to see the Lions, Monkeys, Elephants and Penguins. But more importantly, the Tigers had had little baby cubs. We literally squealed with joy when the little one came out from under a rock!
We had a full day of seeing the different animals and I honestly felt so lucky to be able to see these wonderful animals up close.

Have you done anything exciting this week?

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