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Dry Skin - A look at some products and my advice

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I thought I would talk about my skin in this post.
I suffer from extremely bad dry skin, and applying makeup can end up being an awful mess because my skin is dry, flaky and makes my makeup cakey and broken up. I find that I get the dryness mainly on my cheeks, chin and a little on my forehead but that aren't isn't usually too bad.

Having dry skin can be upsetting, it's annoying, and lowers your confidence because you're always aware of the dryness and patchiness of your face. BUT I think with the right products, you can stop hating your skin and learn to love it.

To help me I've found that you need to exfoliate often. 

I've used the Clinique "7 Day scrub" and the Soap&Glory "Scrub Your Nose In It" scrub. The Clinique is designed to use either every day for 7 days or once every 7 days, depending on your skin and the way you plan to use the product. I tried both ways and found that using it every day wasn't brilliant. It literally is just liquidy sugar and feels quite harsh on your skin if you're using it often. I did love the way it made my skin feel at first but using it daily seems too much in my opinion.
With the Soap&Glory, you don't get this because it is tiny particles that you can hardly feel on your skin, so you don't get that horrible sand papering your skin feel when you use it. A plus with it also is that it doubles up as a face mask, and is so minty and really lovely to leave on as you wash your hair and body. When you've left it on as a face mask, your skin feels so fresh and I often find myself feeling how soft my skin feels after using it that I didn't get with the Clinique scrub.


For a moisturiser, I used the Eucerin Dry Skin Relief cream on my dry spots after I've had a shower and in the mornings. This is like a milky consistency and sinks right into the skin. I love this because you can't feel it on, it isn't oily and it leaves your skin smooth. I find that this combats the dryness and helps a lot.
I also started using the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser after reading on a beauty blog that people often get mixed up with dry and dehydrated skin. I took the small test and still wasn't sure if my skin was actually dry, so bought this product anyway just to see. 
It is a creamy consistency, yet unlike the Eucerin, takes a while to sink into the skin. I find that as I apply this before my makeup, I'm waiting 5 minutes after application to start putting on makeup so I know that it is no longer sitting on my skin and doing nothing to the dryness. Once sank in though, it does help and I feel that this is a great product. But I can't honestly say it's better than the Eucerin. This is mainly because of the waiting time to actually get into the skin, and after using both for a number of weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my skin when using the Eucerin than Simple. 

The key I've found to tackle dry skin is:
  • Make sure you drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy
  • Test and use a face scrub that you love. You need to remove that excess dry skin from your face to notice a difference.
  • Use a good moisturiser. Sometimes investing in something that is slightly pricey could do a lot for your skin, but that isn't to say you might not find a cheap product. If it works for you, then use it.
  • Also make sure you actually use the moisturiser. If you need to apply it more than once throughout the day and then when you go to bed.
I hope that this post was informative for you, and I hope it helps anyone out with dry skin complaints!

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