Monday, 30 January 2012

Illamasqua Pure Pigment

Hi everyone,

On Saturday just gone, my parents came up to see me at my uni house! It was so lovely to see them and we went on a day out to the Trafford Centre, stopping at Costco inbetween for a little shop and a slice of pizza, yum!

Walking around the trafford, me and my mum had a nose in all the shops, I didn't really see anything exciting for myself but I made sure we stopped in Selfridges for a look around the beauty counters. I went into MAC to have a look at the Daphne Guinness collection, and then as always, Illamasqua caught my eye.
I love the stand, and I always get excited when I see the smashed mirrors and the uniqueness of the products. The lady on the counter started talking to me about how she loved my hair (red with a slice of orange) and how I'd really suit their products. She wanted to give me a bright red lip but I had to go for tea, and daddy was waiting. I tried a few swatches and off we went.

After we'd finished shopping (they were buying Sophie's 21st birthday present (she got herself 2 Pandora charms 1 from my mum&dad, 1 from my brother)) I mentioned to my mum that I wanted to go back to Illamasqua as I was thinking of treating myself to something.
I had another swatch of the Berber Pure Pigment and I knew it had to be! My mum then said she'd buy it for me and I was so excited - my first Illamasqua product, yay!

And here it is:

My swatch does this colour no justice at all!
I am in LOVE with this colour, and I cannot wait to try it out on a few make up looks!

I hope you like too! Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried Illamasqua or any dupes?

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  1. I have still never tried any Illamasqua products, really want to!

    ~ Lauren <3