Sunday, 15 January 2012

Funky Pink and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hii :)
I decided to post up a tutorial for a look I was thinking of doing using my new products from the Glossybox I got today. Read my review of it here.

These are the products I used:
But you can use anything you fancy, or atleast have had hand.

Okay, so let's get started!
You want to start off by priming your lid, I'm using Urban Decay Primer Potion (that I got with my NAKED palette), but you use whatever you like best. I placed a little of this on each lid, and blend with my ring finger. 
I then took my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, placing it all over the lid as my shadow base. 
I also put it under my eyebrows and also in my tearduct, to brighten up my eyes, again blending with my ring finger.

Taking an eyeshadow brush (I used one from Avon), I picked up the pink eyeshadow from the Blink+Go palette and placed it in the middle of my lids. 

Using the other side of the brush, I picked up the purple eyshadow from the palette and appled to the outer corners of my eye, blending into the crease. I took an angled brush, using the purple eyeshadow making myself a flick from the top of the crease down on the bottom lash.
With the angled brush, I took the pink and place that on the bottom lash, directly under the pink on the top lash. 

I then took a clean eyeshadow brush (Again another of the same from Avon) and picked up the white/silver colour in the palette, applying this to the inner corner of my eye, making sure to cover the empty top lid, where the tearduct is and the bottom lash. 

I then used a black eyeshadow (from my beautyUK palette) with an angled brush (but you can use your favourite black liquid liner or gel liner) and lined my top lashes. I used a black eyeliner to line my waterline. 

Add a ton of your favourite black mascara (I used Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara) or even add some big false lashes (I don't have any at the mo, boo!) to finish off the eyes. You could also go ahead and fill in your eyebrows too if you would like.

Apply your foundation (I used Bourjois healthy mix serum), conceal under your eyes (I just use a benefit foundation stick because I like the coverage and apply it with my ring fingers) and on any other blemishes that need a cover (I usually conceal on the top of my nose and on my nostrils, plus on any red patches and cheeky spots)

Apply a nice light pink blush to the cheeks (I'm using the light pink from my Blink+Go Palette)

Apply some lipgloss (I'm using Cargo Lipgloss in Paris, from my glossybox), I think a pinky colour would be perfect with this look.

Use a bit of powder to stop any shine and to seal in your foundation (I used MAC Studio Fix)

And tadahh, here is the finish look:

I really hope you enjoyed this, and I'm hoping to make a lot more of these in the near future!

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