Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Bit Of A Personal Post

Hi everyone,

I'm going be brave and talk about something that is very personal to me, sharing with you my experiences on the subject. 
I think it's always great to hear about someone who suffers from something similar to you. It makes you feel that little bit better about yourself, like someone understands and so you don't feel so alien. Although it can be very embarrassing and distressing to people who have the same complaint, I think us women should unite together and shout that we aren't perfect, we have issues and problems and it should be open and shared with the other women of the world!

My problem is I suffer from facial hair, more so on my chin and neck area. 
It's something that appeared when I was about 16 out of the blue. It was mainly really black wirey sideburns when it first developed.  
I went to the doctors to see if there was something I could do about it.
Was it my fault? Was it something I could stop? But since then it's been something I've just had to live with while going to and from hospital appointments. 

I went to the doctors and he referred me for tests: blood tests, hormone checks etc etc. 
They thought I then had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome as I had 1 cyst on my ovary, and the also other symptoms like weight gain and facial hair. 
I think it's hard for someone of a larger size. Everyone wants you to be the perfect size 10, but as I'm sure every one of you readers know, that's so hard to achieve and maintain. Having a problem like PCOS and so on, it really isn't a matter of eating less. It's something you can't control on your own.

I underwent treatment of Laser Hair Removal for my facial hair, having 1 session a month for 8 months through the NHS. I was told that I was the perfect skin type for the treatment (pale skin, dark hair) and at the end of the 8 treatments, there was a 10% chance it could come back.
Unfortunately it did, and it seems to have come back with avengeance. 

On 9th August 2011, I had to undergo surgery to remove the cyst that was on my ovary through a caesarian cut on my stomach/womb. They found another while they were operating so I ended up having 2 removed. I spent 5 days in hospital, and 6-8 weeks recovering.
Apparently one of the cysts was the size of a grapefruit.

Yesterday (Friday 3rd) I decided to go back to the doctors to ask for more laser removal for my face - the hair has been getting to me recently and I was sick of hiding it or shaving.
The doctor said that he couldn't see me getting the treatment as the NHS have made cuts on cosmetic surgery but he'll refer me to a dermatologist

I had to do SOMETHING. 
My mum was getting her hair cut yesterday at the new salon that had just opened around the corner from my house. One of the girls who worked there does nails as well as threading. I decided to have a word with her about what she thought the best way would be to get rid of my beard (waxing, home laser kit, threading) and she said that threading would be the best bet as it was quick and easy. 
She fit me in straight away and off she went working her magic.
I'm not going to lie to you, it hurt. But it was quick and my skin feels so soft unlike when I shave. They also say "No Pain, No Gain" and I think it's worth the 5/10 minutes of pain to remove something you hate.
On a plus side, no chemicals are used. Just cotton thread and tea tree oil to calm the skin down afterwards. 
I'm actually really happy with the results, and I can see why this is hitting off big time throughout the world of beauty. A lot of people mainly have their eyebrows done, and it's great for the shaping and tidying up.
I'm hoping that my treatment lasts me a few weeks, and I'll be doing a more detailed post about my experience of threading, what happens afterwards and what it's like when it grows back.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, it's been very personal to me and I hope anyone who suffers from the same complaints feels like they can be open and comfortable with themselves - it's nothing to be ashamed of, and a lot of people suffer from facial hair!
I'm happy to answer any questions regarding anything mentioned in this post, sorry for rambling a little. 

Please note, everything I've mentioned in this post has a link to what it is so that you can easily find what I am talking about. I have not been paid to post about this, nor asked to. It is from my own personal experience and will hopefully help others.


  1. Hey, i think its so brave that you've openly shared this with your blog!
    I can't imagine it to be easy to go through that at all - and i think it's really great that you're letting people know that they aren't in it alone!

    Great post! :)

    1. Thank you! I just wanted to let people know that I'm currently not perfect :) but life goes on.
      I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! xx

  2. Hey Sam!

    This is really a really inspiring post and I think you are really brave to put this up on your blog when most people would just pretend this doesn't happen to them! Let us know how it goes with the threading!!
    Big love!!
    Annie xxx

    1. Hi Annie!

      Thank you so much, I just want to make sure people know that they aren't alone in their problems and body issues.
      I will be doing a further post about threading soon so will keep you posted.

      Sam xx