Monday, 20 February 2012

Helen É Cosmetics

Hi everyone,

When I was in the Trafford Centre on Thursday I called into Debenhems and had a look around the beauty counters. While there I heard an announcement that Helen E were having an offer: £58 of product for £10 - What a bargain! So off I raced to find this counter!
I'd never heard of Helen E before so was interested in the kind of products they sold.

On getting to the counter, everything was very awkward. There was a woman pushing the 2 other ladies working their to make sure everyone had product on their hand to test and it all seemed a little strange. 
I asked what the offer was about, and didn't really understand. I basically got the jist that you buy the foundation for £10 and get 3 free gifts (a mascara, an eyeliner and a lipgloss).
I didn't think this was too bad. I'm up for trying anything new when it comes to foundation so off I went to the till.

Getting home, I was excited to see what the products were like!
I got a catalogue in the bag which I had a quick flick through.

The foundation is the Helen E Photo Finish - It claims that it clones to the tone of your skin to create a perfect complexion. I'm still waiting to try this out so we'll see.
This retails normally at £12.50 - I got it for £10.

Then in the bag I got the Colour Magnification Mascara in Violet.
This is a purple mascara with brow and lash gel. I'm not really sure I'll ever use a purple mascara (seems very 80's to me) and I'll use the brow gel when they get a little unruley.
This retails at £9.99

I also got an Eyeliner Pencil in Purple.
This is a double ended pencil, with a smudger on one end.
I will probably end up using this because I like a purple eyeliner. 
This retails at £7.99

Last in the bag, I got a Glamour Colour Gloss in Strawberry Soda - Shade 11.
In my honest opinion, I think this is a dupe of Nars Orgasm lipgloss! It's a gorgeous pinky colour with bit of gold. I love it! So I was really pleased with this.
It retails at £9.99
This to me seems expensive! When you think that MAC sell their lip products for £16.50 and NARS for £17.50 it makes you think.

Now I'm not a mathematical genius but on working out these prices, they only come to £40.47.
I feel a little ripped off!! The offer stated that it was £58 worth of products for £10...
Flicking through the leaflets in the bag, I noticed I got a £10 Voucher for when you spend £25 or more on the website...
So, does this some in with the offer? If so, that makes it £50.47 worth. Where is the missing £7.58?
Seems to me like I've been ripped off...
I feel annoyed that they've advertised their products incorrectly. It should have been £50 of product for £10 - still a huge £40 saving!

Never mind, hopefully I'll get some use out of the products I got (I know I will with the lipgloss!)
Have you ever used Helen E before?
(Please Note: These products I bought with my own money. The information I have said here are from my own personal research into the company and through looking at their catalogue)
Reviews on the products will be coming soon!


  1. That seems like such an amazing deal - never heard of Helen E though and its a bit out of order that they falsely advertised the offer to you!

    Natalie xx

    1. I hadn't either but I'm glad I did :)!
      Yeah it is out of order but never mind. I'd have been more annoyed if it was more! xx