Monday, 27 February 2012

Review: Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the last of posts this last week, I have been so busy with work.
Today I've decided to bring to you a review of something I've been using on and off since it's release.
I got the Maybelline Dream Nude  from Superdrug a few weeks ago and thought I'd share my thoughts on it, with you.
I wasn't sure what to expect with this product, with it being a foam would it be a new break through product or something I'd think "Yeah, great" and never use again?
It is described as an "Air-infused foundation nude perfect finish" and I got it in 010 Ivory, which I imagine would suit my skintone (I usually always get ivory/beige)

So onto the product inside.
On opening the bottle, you need to give it a good shake to mix together the ingredients. It sounds just like a spray paint can, and this made me quite excited (Sad, I know!)
The head is a nice shape, and a good size to fit your finger. 

When you press it down, a mousse like product comes out, it's strange. Quite wet and there's a bit of product to work with. It smells just like sunscreen so I had a feeling of happy holidays.
When you move the product though, it seems like start going into a watery constancy meaning that you have to work fast to actually apply it to your face.

I decided to use my E.L.F Stippling brush to apply, simply because I like using it.
I put the product on my hand, dipped in my brush and then onto the face it went.
The foundation quickly turning into a very wet liquid when I put my brush into it, which was a disappointment.
I think the coverage is good, and you can apply more product to build this. The smell is lovely (sunscreen) and you only need to use a small ball to cover your face. When on the face, it isn't sticky or tacky and it doesn't feel like you have a heavy foundation on.

Overall, I like this product. I think it's cost effective (£6.99 in Superdrug) because of the small amount of product you need to use. I certainly think this will be great in the summer when you only want something light on so you don't feel like your makeup is sliding from your face.

Have you tried Dream Nude Airfoam? What did you think?

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  1. I tested this is store and I had zero coverage. It just went and disappeared :( So didn't bother. It was like makeup for people to say they're wearing makeup when they don't need it :)