Monday, 13 February 2012

Top 5 Lip Products

Hi everyone!
I thought I'd post my Top 5 lip products! These are items that I wear regularly and what I would recommend to anyone.

Rimmel Lipstick in Latino 500

I love the colour of this, it's so fun and I think it's the perfect colour for every day wear. I usually wear this if I feel like a bit of colour on my lips but don't want say, a bright red. 
The lipstick itself is soft and creamy, and gives just the right amount of product when applied.

Bourjois 3D Effet in 29
I especially love having this on my lips! It makes them look so shiny and I love the colour. The texture feel almost gritty, but not - I can't explain it but it's not unpleasant.
I know that Bourjois have lots of other colours in this range, and I'd like to purchase a few more and see what they're like!

Lancome Juicy Tubes (I have no idea what this colour is!)
Since I was about 13, I've always wanted a Juicy Tube. Not sure why, but I did. Over the christmas period I treated myself to a Juicy Tube gift set with the 4 best selling colours in.
I have to say that this one is my favourite - the colour is similar to my Bourjois 3D Effet but it's more sticky and glides over the lips nicely.
Although you need to be careful about applying too much of this or else risking getting horrid sticky lips, it is a beautiful colour and gives you lots of shine.

Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon in No.4
This is a new product in my makeup bag, and I LOVE it.
The colour is beautiful, and I like to wear it with a plain eye to give my face that dash of colour.
These pencils are filled with glitter although you can't feel it on your lips - you'd expect it to feel gritty and nasty. This I will most definitely be repurchasing when I've run out.

Vaseline in Rosy Lips
Who doesn't love Vaseline? I especially love this one because not only does it condition my lips it adds a pretty colour too. Just enough too.
I love applying this throughout the year, because it helps with chapped lips over winter and has a SPF factor for the summer months too!
I can't imagine being without a Vaseline in it's many varieties in my bag!

Rimmel, Barry M, Bourjois, Lancome, Vaseline

What are your favourite lip products?

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