Friday, 10 February 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!

My first blog award!
Thank you so much YourAlmostAlice for nominating me!

I'll nominate the blogs I enjoy now:
1. Culton's Blog
2. AnnieMacJ
3. LadyCrowX
4. BabyGothGurl
5. Dot Scribbles

Now 7 interesting facts about me...
1. I'm a pescitarian, and I have been for 9 years. I'd be a vegetarian if it wasn't for my love of fish!
2.My favourite food is probably seafood - and I love crab!
3. I own 2 guinea pigs, who live with me at uni and go everwhere with me, called Damon and Aro - they're my babies! (I shall have to do a post)
4. I love crafts, and I'm always making something! Jewellery, cards, sewing, knitting etc
5. My favourite film in the world is Disney's Alice in Wonderland - I know every word.
6. I want to go travelling for a year, visit lots of different countries and learn new things.
7. I'm a huge bookworm and I always have a book in my bag.

Thank you again Natalie for nominating me! xx

1 comment:

  1. You're welcome :) you deserve it, your blog is brill!

    I also adore alice in wonderland :') thats partly where my username comes from!

    Natalie xx